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Here are a number of questions that people tend to have when searching for a wedding photographer:

Do we really need to have an engagement session? We strongly encourage it, yes! There are a few reasons that we feel having an engagement session is beneficial. It gives you both time to get comfortable – not only with us as your photographers, but for yourself to feel comfortable being in the spotlight! It also gives us a chance to test out any shots that you may be interested in doing for the wedding. Another benefit is that you can use your engagement pictures for your save the dates, if you are planning to send any. The most important thing in our opinion is that you’ll be prepared for your wedding day, so rather than stressing out over having your pictures taken, you can enjoy yourselves on your special day!

What should we wear to the engagement session? Pick something that reflects your personality and makes you feel fabulous! Obviously being gussied up will help to make your photos top notch. Complementary colours/patterns are great as well. Ladies, you may want to take this time to treat yourself to a manicure – we want to help show off your fab engagement ring, and this will really make it stand out! Either neutral nail colours or something to match your outfit is fine. We allow  wardrobe changes during the shoot, so you may want to do two different styles (a casual, and a dressier). This isn’t mandatory, so if you only want to use one outfit that’s totally fine too!

Should we do a first look? We really suggest doing a first look – we can guarantee that your day is going to fly by, and you most likely won’t have any time alone once you’ve said your “I do’s”. This way you have a special moment to yourselves before the wedding, where you can soak in the amazingness of the day before being wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of your party!

Who will be photographing our wedding and do you use an assistant? Lucky you, we’re a two-for-the-price-of-one package husband and wife team! We are both capable equals who will tag-team your wedding like nobody’s business! We do not consider one or the other to be an assistant, though we do assist each other on different things throughout the day.

Will you take group photos? Of course! We are happy to take family photos (generally done after the ceremony). We do suggest limiting the amount of photos that you do for this segment, as it can quickly take over an hour or more of your time – and we usually do the bride and groom’s portraits directly afterward! We can discuss this further at your pre-wedding meeting.

Will you take photos of both of us getting ready? Yes! The wonderful thing about having two photographers is that we can be in two places at once! We are happy to spend time with each of you prior to the wedding to get photos of you getting ready, and/or portraits of each of you. Depending on the day’s schedule, we may also get photos of the bride and her bridesmaids, and the groom with his groomsmen prior to the wedding (and any other shots we can incorporate without you seeing each other). This helps to speed up things after the ceremony so you can enjoy some of your cocktail hour or the beginning of your reception as opposed to taking two or more hours for all of the photos. Obviously this can and will be adjusted for each couple, as every wedding is different!

If our event runs late, will you stay longer? Of course! We are happy to stay longer, though an overtime rate does apply. We also require verbal consent from both the bride and groom before agreeing to stay past our contracted time.

How many photographs will we receive? As every wedding is different, the number of photos that you’ll receive depends on a number of factors: how many hours you’ve booked us for, how many guests you have, the number of locations that we visit, etc. We generally don’t stop taking pictures throughout the entire day, as we want to document every moment that we can! As far as a general range, you can expect about 50 photos per hour of coverage, but it wouldn’t be abnormal for us to deliver many more 

Do you edit our photos? Yes, we do!  We edit each photo rather than by large batches to ensure that each one gets the perfect finishing touches!

When do we get our pictures back? We know that you’re excited to see your pictures, and we are just as excited to give them to you! We strive to get them finished in under a month, but please note that our standard is within eight-ten weeks from your wedding (this is especially important to remember when we have multiple weddings in a short period of time). We will communicate with you frequently to keep you in the loop!

What is an online gallery? Once we have finished your photos, we will deliver them to you in high-resolution via flash drive. You can use these to print any pictures that you’d like. The online gallery is a private, password protected gallery on our website of all your finished images. You can give the password to any family or friends that you’d like to see your album. Your gallery will be available for six months after we post your photos.

When we get our pictures on the flash drive, can we use them on social media? Of course! You are more than welcome to use the photos on social media, as long as you give credit to Studio Flora Photography! There is more info on this in our contract, which we can discuss before signing.

Do you charge for travelling? We include the first 100 miles round trip from Portland, Maine in all of our packages. For weddings outside of this area, we charge a small fee for travelling. For destination weddings outside of Maine/New England, if hotel accommodations or a flight are needed, those would be the responsibility of the client.

What equipment do you use? We use professional Canon camera bodies and only the best interchangeable lenses, so that we can mix and match however we need. We have lenses for up close and for far away, and everything in between. We won’t get into the nitty-gritty details here, but if you know any photographers you know we love talking about our gear almost as much as we love using it!

What is your favourite part of being a photographer? Being able to freeze a moment in time that otherwise would have been lost is just the most special thing to us. We like capturing the un-staged moments – when you’re sneaking a kiss, resting your head on his chest, holding hands, guests laughing at a silly joke, etc. These are the moments that people look back on. These are the moments that you want to last forever. And in a picture, they can! 

Do we need to feed you at the wedding? We would be ever so appreciative if you did! We spend the grand majority of the day on our feet – running from spot to spot, getting high or low to get the best shots, vaulting over things (kidding), which can get really exhausting. We don’t require the same meal that you give your guests (though we wouldn’t turn that down!) – many caterers offer vendor meals for a much smaller price than a guest meal. We also don’t require a seat at your tables – we actually prefer to sneak off somewhere to eat to keep the illusion that we’re well-oiled machines, and to take a minute to re-group. The only time we won’t have a camera in hand, for the most part, is during dinner anyway. No one is photogenic while they’re eating, trust us! We do also ask to be served at the same time as everyone else, if you are providing us a meal, so that we can scarf it down and be ready for the next stage of your event!

Why do we have to pay a retainer fee, and what is it? A retainer is a fancy way of saying a deposit. We ask for a 30% non-refundable retainer. This is important for both parties – when you pay your retainer, it benefits you by taking us off the market for any other weddings on the same day as yours – even if they offer to pay us ten times the amount! It is also beneficial to us, as we have made a commitment to our client for that day, and protects us from losing a full day’s income should they cancel on us.

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